Some Gifts Of My Recovery

Humor  Being able to laugh out loud—at myself most of all—keeping things in perspective—is so critical, and you can’t do that by living in a bubble. I was stuck in a hole of depression, but recovery has offered me a way out.

I had to force myself out of isolation and start talking more to people. I always came away learning something and even feeling less depressed because I wasn’t alone. I learned not to take myself and my problems so seriously and smile more. The program helps me to stay focused on the solution and not the problem. The solution offers me relief because I don’t have to fix everything. What a revelation!

Learning to let go of control and determining what, in fact, is uncontrollable was a milestone for me. Remaining open to joy and beauty, and always feeling gratitude in my heart for my blessings.

The Bad Stuff When tragedy strikes us we are tested in new ways. I was bankrupt spiritually and was not equipped to deal with life’s challenges. Fortunately I picked up some important survival skills later in my life:

                  Gratitude: There is always something for us to be grateful for, if only the weather. Where depression and dysfunction used to be in my headspace, it’s been replaced with a new default mode. I like to keep things simple. Instead of bemoaning what I have lost, I focus on all that is left. Suffering and martyrdom had diminished my ability to live well, and I have abolished them from my life.

                  Acceptance and faith: If I can’t change it, whatever it is, I will accept it with as much grace as I can muster. And follow this with confidence in God’s plan,

                  Humor: Oh, laugh about it, Marilea. You and your problems are not that important!

                  From Each Day A New Beginning, July 3: “Finding humor in a situation, any situation, prevents us from succumbing to feelings of powerlessness. Feeling powerless, behaving as victims, came easily for many of us before we chose this program and the Twelve Steps to live by. Choosing a humorous response, opting to laugh at our situation, at any point in time, keeps our personal power where it belongs—with ourselves.”

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