“Let Go And Let God”

Not of everything! I still have to do the wash and take a shower. I still have to move through my life with a minimum of conflict and get things done.

The bumps occur when I try to control what I have no power over. And that’s a whole encyclopedia of opinions that there’s no room for here.

Regarding the addiction of my daughter, Angie, I did spend years trying, but ultimately I gave up the fight to save her from the disease that was destroying her life. I gave up because the effort was slowly killing me as well and all the other relationships in my life. How many lives had to be sacrificed before the altar of addiction?

So I made a choice: I chose life. God Bless all of us who face the same choice and must let go of that which we cannot change. I hope we will find the God-given wisdom to see the difference between white-knuckling it through life—and leaning into it. Surrender. Acceptance. Peace.


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