Fear vs. Faith

From Each Day A New Beginning, September 27:

“’The wisdom of all ages and cultures emphasizes the tremendous power our thoughts have over our character and circumstances.’  ~Liane Cordes

We are gifted with the personal power to make thoughtful choices…Our minds work powerfully for our good. And just as powerfully to our detriment, when fears intrude on all our thoughts…My outlook and attitude toward life reveals the strength of my connection to God.”


I’ve read that fear and anxiety are at the base of many addictions. I can’t speak for all of them, or for everyone, but I can speak for myself. Fear precipitated every single addiction I’ve been subject to.

And it was fear that kept me addicted to my daughter Angie. Fear for her well-being—and for mine.

Letting go of my obsession and fear—replacing them both with faith—has brought peace into my life.

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