Freedom From the Bondage Of Self

From Each Day A New Beginning, January 6:

“Wanting to control other people, to make them live as we’d have them live, makes the attainment of serenity impossible. And serenity is the goal we are seeking in this serenity program. In this life.

We are each powerless over others, which relieves us of a great burden. Controlling our own behavior is a big enough job…”

When I took the Third Step, and turned my concerns about Angie over to the God of my understanding, I felt a freedom that I’d never felt before. I stopped trying to control everything so much, stopped trying to play God when that’s not my job. With this freedom comes the faith that things are unfolding as they are meant to, without any help from me. Acceptance of life on life’s terms gives me peace—and the energy to open my eyes and keep moving.

2 thoughts on “Freedom From the Bondage Of Self

  1. Marilea,
    Well written! A close friend encouraged me to surrender control recognizing that I had no control of someone else’s actions anyway—-instant freedom!

    1. What exactly is “the bondage of self?” To me, it’s anything that holds me back from being happy and living well. My flawed self leads me to an inflated sense of responsibility and guilt, which leads me to enable my addict. My ego allows me to play God when that’s not my job. The list goes on! All my defects hold me hostage, and that’s when I repeat the Third Step Prayer, “relieve me of the bondage of self.” Therein lies my freedom.
      Thank you for sharing, Teresa.

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