An Invitation To Joy


From Each Day A New Beginning, June 28:

“‘Joy fixes us to eternity and pain fixes us to time. But desire and fear hold us in bondage to time, and detachment breaks the bond.’ ~Simone Weil

…”We are on a trip in this life. And our journey is bringing us closer to full understanding of joy with every sorrowful circumstance. When you or I are one with God, have aligned our will with the will of God, we know joy. We know this, fully, that all is well. No harm can befall us.

Each circumstance in the material realm is an opportunity for us to rely on the spiritual realm for direction, security, understanding. As we turn within, to our spiritual nature, we will know joy.”

I have been growing in my spiritual recovery for fifteen years, and it has been the key to learning to live with my daughter Angie in the grips of heroin addiction. Those of us who love an addict know the pain and frustration involved. We know how addiction destroys far more than the addict; it destroys whole families and, often, we who love them. It almost destroyed me.

But I have been incredibly blessed with some well-meaning interventions over the years, the first from a school counselor who told me to go to Al-Anon to help me deal with Angie’s drug addiction. My work in several twelve-step fellowships has given me the tools to adjust my thinking and change my attitude about a lot of things.

The most important change in my perspective is my habit of gratitude. The best antidote to my grief around losing my daughter is focusing on all the good things in my life, my other children and grandchildren, good health, etc. We all have something to be thankful for.

When I turn my thoughts away from my losses, when I “detach” from Angie, I feel a lightness around my shoulders, and I’m able to live joyfully. I wish that for all my friends here. God Bless!

2 thoughts on “An Invitation To Joy

  1. Thank you for the beautiful post Marilea! I find comfort reading God’s word and below is a poem I wrote to my daughter inspired by Joshua 1:9. Letting go and trusting in Him is the answer. God bless you!

    In the dark of the night
    It will be alright
    Let go, Let God

    In the light of the day
    It will be OK
    Let go, Let God

    In the pain of your sorrow
    Hold onto tomorrow
    Let go, Let God

    Do not be afraid
    Nor be dismayed
    Let go, Let God

    Be strong and of good courage
    Don’t be discouraged
    Let go, Let God

    It is time to be free
    You need to believe
    Let go, Let God

    Be still and know
    You are not alone
    Let go, Let God

    1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful words, DH. They brought tears to my eyes, and I will pass them on to my daughter Angie tonight, wherever she may be. Hugs to you, Mama.

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