Inner Peace

The Serenity Prayer (Part 1):

“God grant me the serenity…

I have known peace. The peace that comes in front of a fireplace on a cozy winter’s night, the peace of the mountains. But when I would leave the mountains, the peace would leave me. When the fire went out or the phone rang, the peace would be gone. Peace came rarely and went quickly – a mood conjured by myself for myself. Serenity is different. It is with me and in me. Nothing disturbs it. It is not given; therefore, it cannot be taken away.”


When I work at my recovery program using the tools at my disposal, I am free of the burden that brought me into the rooms. The first three steps—admitting my powerlessness over addiction, believing that a Higher Power could restore my sanity, and turning my burden over to Him—have taken the weight of the world off my shoulders. Serenity is mine to take when I let go and have faith in God’s plan. This doesn’t rid us of our problems; it just makes them easier to bear.

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