From Hope For Today, January 18:

“This was the only thought I remembered from my first Al-Anon meeting: We can learn to live at peace with ourselves and others. ‘Live at peace with ourselves and others?’ I wondered. ‘How do people do this?’ From my alcoholic upbringing to my own family and workplace, I had never experienced a peaceful way of life. With myself, I was constantly fighting against the guilt, fear and anger that ruled my life. With others, I was always fighting for some cause or belief, trying to make them see that my position was the right one. Of course I never won, and the wars never ceased.

When I came to Al-Anon, I finally found the peace I desired so much. Al-Anon taught me that the path to peace is accepting the people, places, things, and situations I cannot change. Accepting myself as I am…freed me from my self-inflicted inner judge and jury. Accepting others with the use of the Serenity Prayer allowed me to stop fighting. Acceptance allows God to do what I cannot. Acceptance opens the door for my growth and leads me on my spiritual journey, one day at a time.”

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