From SESH, June 27:

“Today I express my fears and know that my Higher Power will control the outcome. I am where I need to be. When I feel anxiety, I can focus on the slogan T-H-I-N-K, which reminds me how to react differently.

T – Thoughtful

H – Honest

I – Intelligent

N – Necessary

K – Kind”

One slogan, T-H-I-N-K, can be very helpful. However, as with most tools, I need to use it with care and reason. As I’ve heard it said around these rooms, ‘my best thinking is what got me here.’ For me, thinking too much or in a negative way is almost as dangerous as thinking not at all. Obsessive thinking can be my symptom of this family disease as much as obsessive drug use is the substance user’s.

I will try to free myself of pointless rumination and stay focused on the freedom of my recovery.

2 thoughts on “T-H-I-N-K

  1. excellent reminder of how we must exercise some emotional control when we set our minds to wandering….especially when we fall into obsessive thinking or negativity…reminds me of when angry, count to ten before responding…we have so much to be grateful for…

    1. I agree, Frank. I’m trying to be less reactive and more proactive. To think hard before I speak. Words do matter, and if I lose the emotional control you mention, my words could hurt someone. So I’m trying to be more deliberate and careful with what I say. Always a work in progress!

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