Acceptance or Resignation?

What’s the difference between acceptance and resignation? A lot, I’ve discovered.

One of the beauties of Twelve-Step recovery is that it’s useful and life-changing “in all our affairs.”  Over the years, I had become resigned to the way things were in my family of origin, like a victim, as if I lacked the power to change anything. But I do have the power—I’ve always had it. I just needed to develop the wisdom to recognize the difference between what I could and could not change.

So I reached out to an estranged family member—and I was rewarded. My lesson? I mustn’t let myself get too lazy or passive. Life is short. If I can make my life better in any way, I should try. Let go of the outcome—but try.

Through my recovery program, I’m flexing long-forgotten muscles with giddy delight. I do recognize what I cannot change, and there’s much in my life that I must accept. But I’m also finding the courage to change what I can, and when I take back the power I’ve always had to affect change, my life just keep getting better and better!

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