Doing The Difficult…

When I joined Al-Anon fourteen years ago, I just wanted to save my daughter from the grips of addiction. I went back to meetings but kept wondering, “Where was the magic bullet?” God kept me going to those fellowship meetings, even after I realized that there was none. Many newcomers leave at this point, but I’m glad I kept going back. It gradually dawned on me that I had a huge problem and that I was sick too. And so I started to listen better and put the focus on myself. I learned how I was unknowingly making a bad situation worse, and how for my own sake, if not for Angie’s, I needed to try to change my attitude and behavior. I needed to muster a lot of courage where my daughter was concerned, something I hadn’t been able to do before. Now, many meetings, readings, and roller coaster rides later, happiness is a gift I give myself every day that I work my spiritual program. And “it’s an inside job!” Blessings to all!

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