It’s The Hardest Thing…

Excerpt from my memoir, A Mother’s Story: Angie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore:

“In her memoir, Carol Burnett shares some of her hard-won wisdom during her daughter, Carrie’s, early drug addiction:

‘You have to love them enough to let them hate you.'”

Active drug addiction often changes the personality of our loved one. In my case, my daughter Angie became a total stranger, with a new set of values that served only her addiction. When I realized this and finally stopped enabling her, she cut me out of her life.

I think Ms. Burnett’s words meant that we must not lower the bar with addicts, but rather hold fast to the boundaries we have put in place—both for our own benefit and for theirs—even though on the surface it may provoke much anger in them.

Only in this way can they learn to be accountable for their own behavior, which would precede any chance of lasting recovery.


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